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Hold on precious one…hold on
Your time has not yet passed by… so hold on
Seasons have come and gone; the winter is upon you…so cold…yet hold on
Darkness moved in and the night appears so long…hold on
Dry and without the water of life to refresh you…do not give up…hold on
Burning in the scorching hot sun…almost lost in the desert…hold on
Glee from the one accusing you day and night…round and round you go…hold on
Fighting the battle within so no one knows or sees; so alone…hold on
Ready to toss away the reason for living…thoughts of ending it all…stay calm and hold on
Dead ends all around; no open doors; no show of empathy or understanding…be still…hold on
When you were so afraid and lonely; without hope…He held you in His arms
When the days dragged by and life became as torture deep within…He never left you
When you were searching for just a drop of water from passing souls yet to no avail…He became your refreshment
When the serpent lied and tried to break your mind in two…He sheltered you in His love
When the road was too hard to travel and death beckoned…He allowed the rays of the sun to bring encouragement and life
For so long you have held on
For so long you have believed
For so long you have been brave and full of courage
For so long, precious soul, you have fought the good fight of faith…all alone…so lonely and waiting; always waiting
Now turn and let it all fall on Him for He is the burden bearer; the All knowing All powerful Lord; the true King; the lover of your soul.
He will lift you to new heights for He loves you
He will be your fortress for He is the One who protects you
He will open new doors for His plan is to prosper you
He will give you His strength for He lives within you
He will be your God; your Lord; your best friend who stays closer than a brother for He has seen your heart towards Him
Now hold on to Him for together you walk this path; together you run this race and there is no one more gracious; more loving; more able to keep you then Him so with hope rising within, hold on.


He arises with the splendor of the One and only true God; every force standing in the way bows its head and moves
He rides on the wind and every cloud of disaster surrenders its resolve
He leads the army bringing with them the triumph of one already known as the King
He speaks and all tremble at His voice
He breaks the chains of bondage with a single word of command
He sees beyond the known and heralds in the new beginning with power and majesty
He turns the darkness away with eyes ablaze with the purity of holy light
He removes the enemy stalking His own through the Blood that was shed
He is all knowing; all powerful; full of glory; unmovable in grace
He is true to His word for in truth lies the key to His children and their victory
Forever present; forever full of power and grace; He calms the storms
Great and mighty; unchanging; three in one; one with us; our destiny and life
Eternal; before the foundation of the world; loving the ungodly; waiting for all
No other can replace Him; no other can bring forth the miracle of salvation
To mankind in their lost; lonely and twisted hearts of sin
For without the shedding of Blood there can be no remission of sin
Power; victory; purpose rises within us for we are secure in the knowledge that we are in Him who has no beginning and no end.
In honour we bow to You, wonderful; precious Lord Jesus; lover and healer of our souls.


Walking through the various pathways of Christianity one needs to be awake and alert for there are so many wolves just waiting for the precise moment when they can pounce and devour the sheep. In the world of make believe and fantasy there is no such thing as Christian wolves; after all are they not followers of our precious Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ? They are upright and distinguished leaders; full of compassion and are guaranteed to help and lead the flock onto higher levels of faith and so prepare them for the ultimate goal which is Heaven. So they proclaim and so they are supposed to be.
Man in his fallen state is but a fleshly being with feet of clay and most often consumed with areas of sin yet unknown even to himself. If taken into the arena of leadership too early and without the complete understanding of his own human shortfalls, in time, when temptation and unbridled inner fantasies take hold; due to stress or disappointments then the untamed beast that has lain dormant for maybe many a year, rises and begins its devastating attack on all in its vicinity. Surely this is not possible and does not take place in Christian churches? And if so, why make it public? Hide it under wraps; pretend all is well yet the victims of spiritual abuse, in whatever sphere, are left to pick up their own pieces, some never fully recovering, whilst the wolves continue their daily prowl looking for new victims so as, most times, to boost their own fleshly ego or satisfy their unclean lust that has never been renounced, repented of and thus allowing deliverance to take place.
Leaders are to lead by example; by putting their own ego on the alter of the Lord and take up the Cross of their Lord and Saviour, knowing that to be a servant of all, as was Jesus Christ, is a daily dying to self and self gain. A leader is willing to lead in the battle, set the goal and be the example to those that are waiting in the isles, still unsure of the Gospel of Salvation; to those struggling in areas longing for an outstretched hand to guide them and to the ones more advanced; now ready to be brought into the serious task of leadership themselves. The Church is the Body of Christ, made up of so many different personalities; so many colours; from all over the world. It is to lead and guide the nations; the weary; the downtrodden; the broken; the unlovely; the poor and the rich…mankind in general. It is to be the voice of the Holy of Holies; the King; the Good Shepherd; the Almighty God. Where and what has happened to the Church of Jesus Christ in today’s society? Why has she lost her voice; her say; her truth? He never changes; He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He rules; He is King and no other will ever take His place for the pure Holy Blood that was shed was once and for all men to be able to be reconciled back to the Father; to be born again and to reign and rule in this lifetime.
Man knows not what truly resides within his heart of hearts unless by divine grace he is given an understanding due to a word of wisdom and knowledge. Remove the masks and then the truth of the inner core being so often comes spilling out. How does a Church leader stop himself from greed when the money begins to pour into the Church and his salary far exceeds that of so many in his congregation? Yes a workman is worthy of his pay but a workman fleecing the flock through spiritual abuse promising them that if they give most if not all they have in their wallets etc, will reap 100 fold in this lifetime, is nothing more than a conman. We cannot bribe the Lord by giving to get; hold Him to ransom or do magic tricks in the spirit realm. We give because we are in love with our precious Lord and simply because we have a desire to be faithful to what is within our own heart and spirit. He does after all love a cheerful giver; one who feels led of the Holy Spirit to bless another and in our time of need, the seed we planted in faith, grows and we do receive a harvest. Is a leader permitted to take over the rule and reign of another’s own life thus even deciding whom they should marry; where they should stay etc? No!!! Every person has been given a free will and even when saved the Lord Himself does not remove our will and so we become robots. We choose to love Him; to read His Word and to grow; we choose to serve Him because that is our desire. As maturity sets in and we realise His Word shows us the way to living in abundance in every area so our will begins to line up with His will and our journey is now one with Him. Guidance from the pastor, preacher etc is important; they may even have a word from the Lord for us but it must be a conformation of what the Holy Spirit has already given us. We are not to look only to pastors or so called prophets for advice or direction as the Holy Spirit will lead and guide us if our hearts are in the care of the Lord. Many a soul has been directed onto paths and into marriages that were not from the Lord but from the fleshly advice of a particular pastor or prophet.
It has been know that pastors often feel they have the right to enjoy a sexual relationship with a pretty girl from their flock, regardless of the fact that they are married or are breaking the trust of all concerned. Even in counselling a woman figure should be present when it is two people of the opposite sex for it is a known fact that people become emotionally attached to those helping them. Spiritual adultery happens so easily and before long the pastor has many female worshipers hanging onto his every word; his every look and if either are lonely or in need of attention, a false love envelopes them only to cause havoc. Pastors are but mere men and after been in ministry for many years even they begin to find things hard going. A flirtation; time spent in the company of attractive female helpers etc are but a doorway to temptations some cannot resist.
Those flock that are in need of spiritual advice; spiritual upliftment must never be bombarded with scriptures that make them feel worse than when they asked for help. To show the face; the heart; the character of our Saviour Jesus, it is so necessary that the pastor listen first of all with the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of Truth and truly hear what is been revealed from the troubled heart of another. To interrupt with scripture that lays guilt on the one sharing only makes that person more burdened then they were. Ease the burden and encourage with the love of Jesus. Nothing is more able to break another’s spirit then dead scripture been tossed in the air. And it is dead if not made alive to another’s heart by the Holy Spirit. Yes a needy soul can say they want to die; they are afraid; they are angry etc. Why not? The Lord is still the Lord and He is not going to be shocked and suddenly have no power if one of His precious children speak out these things!!! After all, before the foundation of the world, He knew that soul would become His child and would experience these traumatic emotions one day. Now He is waiting to see if His leader is going to bring healing through love and understanding or condemnation through throwing scripture around without one touch of gentle love engulfed in it.
We are not God; we are not the One who paid such a price for the salvation of the world; we are but His children given the amazing privilege to represent Him in all His power and glory on this earth. We need to realise it is His power that sets souls free; His love that saves and restores; His grace and mercy that allows us to connect with those in bondage and so bring healing and the knowledge that Jesus lives. To the wolves bringing a false representation of Jesus Christ, know that there is help and forgiveness but like all of us, you need to acknowledge that you are wrong and repent as we do when needed. Your positions as leaders are given hopefully by the Lord and not some fantasy you built up in your own mind and so walk a path of fleshy lust in so many areas. Leaders lead always by example; admitting they make mistakes; showing their humanity in been able to ask for prayer when needed and then the love and glory of the Lord will fill your Church for the transparency you show will be that which in turn will allow the Holy Spirit to move on your behalf so souls can be saved; healed and delivered.
Jesus Christ is Lord and He will share His glory with no man. May His Church rise from the ashes and become the leader to the nations for without our God we are reduced to nothing more then the world which unfortunately is drowning in its own destruction and grief.


Howling…through the inner chambers of the hardened heart and cold mind
Winds of thoughts focused on greed…flesh and tormented brutal plots and plans
As the season of the icy stature turns to face a land of turbulence and trials
Man rules from lofty places within his god forsaken spirit born out of deception
Away with the past…the past is buried and can never return…now is the hour
Breaking under the strain of forces determined to bring all together as one
One…one can never be… for spiritual beings are united through the shedding of Blood
Blood that was pure…holy…and lasts for a life time
Floundering under the pressure of the dead yet the person it is not…
Fallen angels…demonic spirits wanting their full of ignorant souls forced to work
Work so as to be accepted and show their respect for those long gone
See the unseen threats thrown all around…greed for what is not given but will be taken
No life in the spirit …simply a stature of ice walking with feet of clay
Crying…hear the cry of a country that has blood on its hands
Broken; destroyed and dead within; walking; waiting for the season to impact its force
On souls blinded by their own eyes due to refusal of sight…for sight brings pain
Pain in having material gods removed and now they are nothing…worthless
Howling…the icy wind is howling… wrapping itself around the outcome of false rule
Bring back to the throne the one who is and needs to be king
Without his nail pierced hands holding onto a land destroying its own worth
Lies the inevitable outcome of waste…burnt to nothing by the scorching rays of destruction
Howling icy winds render their own sacrifices to gods not given by the only true God
See…precious souls…begin to see through discernment; knowledge and wisdom
Come back and save the land; the nation; the hope of all waiting in the isles.



He gives us beauty for ashes; the oil of joy for mourning; the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. As children of the Lord; having accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour, we are indeed so wonderfully cared for; so graciously loved and never left alone and without. It is one thing to hear of the grace of the Lord but entirely another to experience it for oneself. When we are born again and want to follow after the Lord and step out in faith, bit by bit we will learn and taste that the Lord is good and always true to His Word. The Holy Spirit will lead and guide us and even when we stumble and make mistakes, He still encourages us to go on. What is beauty for ashes? What does it mean to us as individuals? I am sure if you do know the Lord and look back, you will recall the times He saw you through dark moments in your walk. Personally I have been through so many traumatic times; times when I thought it would be impossible to see anything of beauty again in my life. We lived in Cape Town for five years and had been led there by the Lord Himself. I went through one of the darkest moments of my life; mentally; physically and emotionally. So often we make mistakes and u turn when actually we should have continued on the straight highway we were originally on. Due to allowing people in my life that I should have closed the door on, I was thrown into one of the darkest pits ever experienced. Ashes; all became ashes. I was burnt and broken and had reached the point where I was willing to do drastic things in order to be free from this person. To cut to the chase, I saw only disaster; experienced only pain inwardly and physically and the fear was so great that I hardly ever relaxed or slept. No one must know the truth. I hid all things away; put on a brave face and kept on. Praying and praying; actually I talk to the Lord as I do to all other people, I asked for Him to intervene. When things could get no worse, for I was on the edge of a nervous breakdown plus had nearly died in hospital due to the surgeon been intoxicated when he operated on me, the Lord undertook and bit by bit my days of torment and fear were closed down. For a very long time there was no beauty in my world for true beauty comes from within the heart and is not simply those amazing things around you. As healing of my own spirit and soul took place; as fear of various things began to subside so the ashes were blown away by time, love and acceptance of self. Beauty of thought; of hope; of coming to terms with my own human misguided ways; of my surroundings began to flood my inner being once more and I comprehended the unconditional love and power of Jesus my Lord. He truly gives us beauty for ashes.
The oil of joy for mourning; oh Lord, how we all need that oil; that anointing that breaks the yoke. Have you felt that it is impossible to be joyful? Joy though is different, I believe, to feeling happy. We are happy when life is going well; when we receive an unexpected gift that we really wanted etc. It is based on that “good” inner feeling that can last at times only for a short while. Happiness is but for a moment until some other horrible, disliked situation takes place then we are no longer happy. Joy however is one of the fruits of the Spirit and you don’t do anything to force it to work; to be there; it is yours already given by the Lord. My first baby was born at seven months due to my appendix bursting whilst pregnant. The Lord was utterly gracious and spared my life even though the poison went through out my body and damaged organs on its dreadful journey. I had major surgery and the baby and I lived through it although I was still dreadfully ill and never fully recovered. Pain and been in and out of hospital; put in ice to bring my temperature down etc became my life. At seven months Hazel was born naturally even though I was full of new cuts and scars and in agony. No breathing was detected. When she was brought to life we were rushed to a maternity hospital in the ambulance and Hazel had oxygen all the way. She weighed a mere 2 pounds in those days. No incubator was given to her; no nurse or matron covered themselves when dealing with her and my sister had to put her in a hospital bedpan in her small car and take her to the then Children’s hospital. On arrival she stopped breathing. For ten days she survived and grew in the incubator there but choked to death on milk due to no nurse been with her. When I finally fell pregnant years later after operations to fix my body up due to the poison, the Lord showed me that I was having twins. Actually, this word of knowledge came before I fell pregnant. After fainting with pain, bleeding and been so ill yet again, the Dr found one baby was in the tube but growing normally and the other in the womb. He had to remove both and the ovary so I was now worse off then ever. Broken with grief and questions, He flooded my entire being with this most amazing joy. As the oil of joy for mourning enveloped my suffering in all areas, His gentle presence and beautiful love brought calmness and peace to my fragile and delicate body, soul and spirit. No human touch; no human love could heal but His pure oil of joy touched deep down into every part and mourning was forced to bow its knees in submission to the King.

Wrap yourself my dear friend in the garment of praise for in so doing you will experience that the heaviness brought on by worldly situations; by hurts; depression due to circumstances will fade away and in its place peace and faith will once again rise within your heart and spirit. That is impossible you may say but truly it is completely possible and I have seen it to be true in my own life and walk with my Lord. When we accept Him, our spirit is born again but our mind needs to be renewed by His Word. That is why we study; and then see that what He has promised us, we can be, if we allow His grace to fill our hearts. We are no longer in the kingdom of darkness but now we are His children and our kingdom is the kingdom of light where He rules and reigns. Put on the new man and in so doing we will walk in the spirit and not the flesh. When we are in a difficult situation and all we want to do is moan and groan and end up becoming depressed then start, in faith, to praise the Lord. Yes, it is hard for the flesh is weak but as you begin to praise and thank Him for your salvation; your food; your home; your health; your ability to do normal every day things, the Holy Spirit flows through you and you find yourself so grateful; so thankful. His love becomes known even more in that moment and the spirit of heaviness leaves. Take note, it is called a spirit. It is not within you but attacks from the outside. It has attacked you maybe unawares and you may have taken it as your own personal feelings about a given situation. As you praise Him for even the smallest of things so the Word says He inhabits the praises of His people. He is right there even if at first it may not feel like it but we don’t go on what we feel but on what is written.
Thank you precious Lord for undertaking in every area of our lives. We give You all the glory and honour.
Be blessed for you are loved.


There is no other that can save our soul.
There is no other that can make us whole.
No man has the ability to restore and recreate our flesh of sin.
Only His precious pure holy Blood brings newness of life and causes us to run the race and win.
Before the foundation of the world His plan was in order and there was no turning back.
So now it is time to arise as one in Him; forget the past and any unclean vicious attack.
His destiny was determined and He followed it through.
He could have called ten thousand angels yet for us He bore the price; will you not too.
Suffering and pain may be part of your walk but in it all He makes a way.
When least expected He opens new doors; removes the trials and it becomes a brand new day.
Stand on His Word for to you it belongs.
Cast aside all fear; praise Him in faith; sing your melody of love out loud in a glorious heartfelt song.
No man can remove you from His love so give Him your all.
In boldness come into His throne room of grace; you are His and will not fall.
Man has but feet of clay and no power to save.
Knowing all He was to suffer; the pain He had to bear yet willingly all He gave.
Jesus Christ our Lord and our Redeemer; on You we depend.
You are the King of all Kings; the Lord of Lords our gracious wonderful friend.


Tick tock…a soothing everyday sound filling empty spaces all around
Minute by minute a tiny particle of life ends and falls unseen back into the ground
Taken for granted yet given and formed by hands of eternal love
Wasted by strife; greed and seeds planted; now growing to maturity but not from above
Halt the clock; fast forward the time…if only man would awake and see the light of day
Take back what was stolen from the enemy; do it in His strength for our feet are of clay
Run the race set before you; discard not the path for worldly lust and material gain
For in looking back upon the mountain of sin there will only be brokenness and shame
Tick tock…every minute brings with it a moment that can change your destiny forever
Dive into the freshness of the cleansing water bestowed in love; be bold; be clever
One life; one chance; one dream; one hope; one Saviour who gave His all
With amazing grace He paid the price; was broken and torn for the great and the small
See the Father when beholding the Son for they are One in perfect harmony and truth
His grave is empty; He has risen and we are no longer in prison; herein lies the proof
Take hold of the day for now is the hour; hear the sound of the trumpet; victory is won
His life is your life precious and dear soul; He rules forever; unchanging; God’s own Son.


Wounded beyond what words can describe…seething with flames waiting to ignite.

Darkness is falling all around and not one soul is awake…their turmoil is already in sight.

Broken dreams lie scattered along the pathway of promises never delivered.

With poison filling hearts of delusion the tension has just begun.

Songs of victory discarded…anger engulfs the mind…days of hope are gone…the song has been sung.

Destruction is forced into a spirit already burning with greed…hear the call.

Face the reality of a nation lost in sin…hatred awaits those who refuse the beat of the drum…see the signs…watch the fall.

Two can never be one when the gods are of golden idols… death called forth as if alive.

Take back the spirit of repentance…forgiveness of sin…put aside the urge to strive.

Unity lies in the realm of the spirit and not in the way of oneness with a masked face.

Arise from the slumber of passiveness…take hold of the day…as one run the appointed race.

Flames are burning brightly yet no one opens their eyes shut tight by the covering of greed.

A leader…truth and loyalty filling his heart to the plight of man all around…this we do now need.

See the pieces scattered this way and that…lost…so lost has man become.

Darkness is a way of constant struggle…the rays are dim…where is the sun.

Calling…hear the earth…the land under our feet is calling.

Arise with an anticipation of what can be before it is too late and beneath us we discern the falling.

Of mankind in general…our hope destroyed…death at the hands of the spirit of hell.

Clean out the cobwebs…fall on your knees…listen to the tune…take note of the bell.


The train is moving up and down the track with never an end in sight

The past holds firmly onto the mind bringing thoughts of gloom; destroying the light

Hear the sound of repetition drumming through each and every broken door

Yet you hold on and refuse to burn the memories; seemingly wanting more

Let go for in its hands lie the spirit of death and defeat

Nothing will be gained by thinking it through once more for there is no treat

Handed out to your scared inner soul only questions filled with regrets

Torture not your spirit for it was meant to fly and never to fret

Break loose from the bondage that covers and holds back the real you

Rise with dignity; defeat the demons, throw off the old mould and be true

Laugh at what was for the present is yours for the taking

Stand on solid ground of inner victory; it has begun, feel the shaking

Of your very core being been woken from the nightmares of failure and distrust

The shackles of bondage have been discarded; flesh has frozen; gone is lust

Shake yourself and begin the journey of wholeness gained without you even knowing

For wrapped up in self lay the old man; scattered and torn; now your pulse is flowing

Come to the harbour; rest awhile, for the journey has been hard and long

Forget what was; you are free; flying like the eagle; safe and unbelievably strong.



Into the throne room her cry reaches His heart

Moment to moment He is there for within Him she is a part

With power and gentleness mingled in one

He reaches down; brings peace; for He is the Son

Born in a manger yet unknown to mankind

Gave Himself as a sacrifice so as to open the eyes of the blind

Full of compassion, forgiveness and love

Laid down His Deity sent from the Father above

Wipes away all tears of His sons and His daughters

Give Him your whole life not simply a quarter

Salvation and healing promised to us

Rises one and all; never to crush

His presence all around we can surely feel

All else is false; He is for real

Touch the hem of His garment; watch all fall into place

Together we run till we finish the race

Back into glory He arose from the grave

Beckons us with power to walk the new way He gave

No call is unanswered; no prayer goes unheard

His love is complete; He came and He served

Sin forever dealt with; our place was taken

At the appointed time the whole earth was shaken

It is finished; He gave up His power

Redeemed were we that moment; that very hour


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