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Flowing gently through the night air the tender petals scatter all around…
No longer that of a rose in full bloom…now separate…just waiting to be found
By caring hands still able to behold the velvet smooth beauty of nature in perfection
Showing forth her glory of once upon a time…now parted… all moving in a new direction
Soft as the breeze whispering her name on the emerald waves of the now calm sea
She lets fly the white petals as those casting ashes of death for all must be…
In tune to their own inner song of grace so fair
Sending its signature note cascading through the moon lit waves one petal now lays bare
Upon the silent sands of time revealing its strength never to be broken in two
Reaching down with the gentleness of the dove of pure love she touches its beauty seen by so few
Blowing with the whisper of hope the white petals begin the surrounding song filling her now open heart
One rose forgotten due to its season ending…many petals of purity sealing their destiny within…called to bring grace once more of divine art.


Engulfed in the valley the shadows slowly become those of monsters known only to the mind of the one beaten down by mounds of worldly sand, causing the inner pain to burn as the heat of the red hot coals on the fire of internal torment. The valley of utter despair called out with a continual voice of harsh utterances…literally forcing its web of near insanity around the mind and spirit of the one thrown, without guilt or remorse, into its betrayal. Walking through the many bushes with their tentacles of memories plastered all around…her cry of anguish echoed through out, igniting the fowls of the air to return, in tune, to her silent cry of words… recognizable only to her war torn spirit and near empty soul. How many moments; how many days her walk ambled this way and that; leaving footprints visible on the muddy paths of discarded hope. Graves dug for those who were not able to survive the scornful clouds of intense darkness bringing with them the pelting hail of ridicule at falling, what seemed to be head first, onto the rocks of fear and turmoil at been tossed aside and thrown to the lions of destruction. Closed as that of the gates of eternal damnation so the valley allowed no way out of its hideous paintings and external surrounds from whence trees became creatures of howling wolves, waiting for that exact moment when to pounce on the lost, lonely, out of control soul. As the last drop of energy blew away into the distant sky of impending doom, she gave way, sliding down as that of the birthday balloon deflated by continual pressure of hands of glee. One small pin prick was all that was needed to end the dismal scenes played out in a mind no longer able to contain its grief and internal struggles…
Hush broken one; the tiny breath barely able to sustain your tormented mind and frail body reached far beyond the valley of intense darkness and impending doom and as if guided by an unknown hand of infinite beauty reached down and breathed love deep within the fragmented pieces of your spirit once known as that of strength and devotion. As the gentle breeze whispered her name she slowly rose as one from a sleep of internal death and with her sculptured face as that of the marble statures in cities afar off, turned to the now piercing sun forcing its rays of hope through the many close connected trees of the valley of utter despair and inner disarray. Rays shimmering with orange shadows on the dark waters became life to the soul so in need of inner refreshment. Slowly walking to the end of the valley, she found her feet moving in tune to the musical cords of amazing grace flowing as a crystal clear river through out her mind and heart. There in front of her stood the mountain of victory…waiting, just waiting and longing for her to climb up her pathway to freedom of eternal knowledge and wisdom. As her energy began abounding more and more from the source of one who knew all things, so her feet held firmly to the pathway of mercy. With the beginning steps now behind her, she stopped and turned, noticing the valley from whence she had escaped. With her eyes roving to and forth she came to the conclusion that the valley was after all a place of distinct brokenness…a ward where those who could no longer function as whole individuals landed due to an overload of fear, guilt, lack, rejection and trauma as a whole, found themselves in. Unable to reach out to others, their broken down spirit and mind closed down as that of a rose without water, thus releasing its petals of beauty onto the waves of the wind. Slowly discarded along their journey, they are forgotten as a flower of beauty and seen as a bush of thorns. A hard time of inner reflection must surely bring with it that moment in time when one sees and understands with the ability of new found wisdom. Climbing her mountain of victory each inner melody cascaded down as from a waterfall of singing angels, edging her on and upward. Resting on the rock she noticed that all around was delightful scenery of budding flowers filled deep within with seeds of eternal faith, hope and mercy and were hers for the taking. With soft, tender hands she touched the blooming flowers of flowing colours as that of the rainbow of promise. Life was after all a mixture of triumph and brokenness. Seeds planted in good times grew, flourished and brought forth new life, new ways. Ways as yet unknown but waiting in the isles of faith. The climb became harder as the end was in sight for now the peak was in full view of the handmaiden. No water to quench her intense thirst, no shelter from the scorching rays of the sun. Dig deep oh brave soul…your pathway is paved with divine love yet for now you see it not. High above the valley, she knows that to let go and give up her walk of eternal victory would bring destruction as she has never known before. Setting her beautiful face towards the goal post seen only in her mind and fast beating heart, she reaches down and literally pulls her weary body up bit by bit. Over each stone; every hard rock…thorns hiding within the grass, she moves inch by inch to her victory. One more to climb over…one more obstacle to overcome! As her hands begin to bleed with the intense pushing of her now frail body, she reaches the top. Gasping for air, clothes wet from the struggle, she lies ever so still. As the sun’s rays move behind the cloud formation encircling above her small frame, the tender yet powerful figure of Him who has no beginning and no end appears above as if riding on the clouds of majesty.
Many valleys… so many obstacles… yet the final victory climb to success was worth it all for knowledge, wisdom and grace became her covering.
He who sets the captive free, shall be free indeed.

Copyright 2015 June Potter


Within the mind and the spirit of man resides the ability to take charge of all that descends upon one from without. Moments of discouragement can turn a beautiful day into a nightmare which seems to lock one down in all areas. The “if only” syndrome smashes through inner doors that were closed due to been free from their pathetic on going sagas. Anger wells up turning the calm, peaceful bliss experienced into raging thunderous storms and so pulling the mind into a forceful inner argument against those who hurt, rejected and turned away from you for whatever reason. If lightning bolts were available with a simple twist of the hand, then no doubt, all in their way would be scorched and forever removed from the face of the earth, which actually deep within, is the inner face and mind of your own personal, private world!! As the dark ominous clouds filter in as if from no where over your head, so depression begins to cloud every tranquil thought you may have had before the invasion of the enemy of the mind. A spirit of gloom overshadows the minutes, hours and at given times the days at hand, leaving one depleted of energy and strength in all areas plus a desire to leave this now harsh world with its monsters of untold misery. Life is not worth the effort…beauty and joy have forsaken one and the rush of the icy cold waters of inner defeat leave one, not only chilled but frozen in time.
No one knows…no one sees…for there are so few in tune to the inner spirit of another. After all life is about self and self gain…striving to be the best…the one who is noticed in the crowd. Life is centered around “my world” and all who are crying and slowly dying within are but a burden to be tossed aside…they must know their place. The place in the shadows…forgotten!
Turn the inner anger which so often is but total frustration into a collective setting of imaginary moments thus giving them the inner ability to soar and find their own distinct expression of writing and paintings of the creative spirit lying dormant within. Defeat and then totally destroy the monster who, without warning, without invitation, stole your moments of peace, hours of tranquility and even days of inner freedom filled with the beauty of cascading joy flowing as a river within each and every area of who you are. Arise…arise and be bold. As bold as the lion who dictates his authority by his presence amongst the kingdom of the animals, given and brought into being by the divine hand and words of amazing, on going love. Fearless due to the inner knowledge of who and what he knows himself to be, so all submit in respect for his inner dignity radiating forth without one need of his deep roar of warning. Arise…stand firm and slay the dragon within the mind of fast moving random thoughts. Take up your sword, move forth with the confidence of one who knows all power and authority has been given due to the name above all names…the blood that was shed…the complete defeat of this false accuser of the breathen. A coward, a foreign invader causing untold misery…the one who lies and turns what was inner victory into a mess of broken dreams and scars refusing to completely heal. See the dragon…do not shut your inner eyes fearing his look of disdain glowing forth from eyes of intense hatred for you. See him with the bright radiant light that does fill your spirit and soul, even if for but this moment in time, it has been concealed by clouds of darkness. As you behold his destructive methods of bringing you down in the spiritual realm, resist the urge to run and hide for you are already victorious in the knowledge of your saviour as been the king of kings and the lord of lords. Slay his head and watch it fall! Be that one who has His power flowing through you, able to walk on the waters even though fear is turning you into a statue unable to move. Be the dignified lion and stalk every demonic spirit wanting you to fall in the face of temptation with the inner knowledge that you are the victor and they are the fallen defeated enemies of the cross, just waiting for their own moment in time, in history, when they will all be forever cast into the eternal lake of fire. Descend upon all that has and is breaking your inner spirit of beauty, courage and on going future into ashes scattered upon the ground…now of no consequence. Bold and utterly strong deep within, storm the gates of the one who sends out his own false deceivers into your life, longing for you to turn away in a moment of disbelief from Him who paid such a price for you…yes you! Why? Because you are so valuable, so precious and have so much within, just waiting to be released so as to destroy in the natural what the enemy of time has removed from you. So much is waiting for you to take hold of…you are his unique portrait of divine worth and love.
The mind is the gateway to all that does and will take place in the future…guard it with all you have. Put on the helmet of salvation…take hold of the written word of infinite truth and refuse entry to whatever disturbs and removes your inner calm and peace. He moves as slowly as his can…silently creeping up and without warning pounces on you from without. It is not you and your own inner thoughts that are causing the pain of past hurts to resurface; the false guilt that fills your spirit making you unable to walk as you should in power and victory or the desire to end your live as nothing is working out and you feel so alone and discarded. It arises in the spiritual realm from the false accuser and if not understood or known then dear heart, you believe it is a product of you yourself. Get rid of him…slay his head from his body of lies and now, in its place, paint a picture of divine beauty within. Draw…paint…write on the inner wall of your heart of untold beauty. The painting of you, the unique person you truly are deep within. Maybe no one knows what you are truly capable of, maybe you are a withdrawn, quiet soul but whatever inner personality has been bestowed upon you, you are still able to see with His eyes of love. Love as pure as His paints the future, even the moments of now, as that of the budding flower…the flower in full bloom, showing its tenderness and beauty of so many colours to a lost, lonely world. The fragrance of the rose brings with it the peace and enjoyment of a life able to shine forth regardless of battles won and battles lost. Its ability to be pruned in its season and then bring forth even more beauty to the onlooker is the same as what you are able to do when free in spirit. See the painting deep within your now peaceful mind, as that of a cascading waterfall having the power to fill pools beneath and bring rivers to the point of overflowing with crystal clearness. You are that to those around you…a refreshing point of inner contact.
Know your true inner worth…behold your name that is forever written in His heart of purity. Clothed in His righteousness you are able to enter into His throne room of grace and mercy, sharing your innermost thoughts and longings…asking forgiveness when in a moment of frenzy you missed the mark and sinned. Two hearts beating as one…for you are one with Him now able to walk on pathways that once had you running in fear for the deceiver, the one who presented himself as an angle of light, brought you down to naught whilst he and his demon spirits laughed in glee at what they believed to be, was your complete downfall! The total darkness that engulfed your every move…blocked the trees blooming in their new clothes of spring’s refreshing colours of gentleness and hope…allowed you only to see the images of despair and death waiting in the shadows. His hand of strength has reached out and removed what was invading your spirit and mind so fragile and with one touch the curtains are opened and peace flowing as a river is bringing the beginning of a season waited so long for.
God gives peace like a river…God gives peace like a river…God gives peace like a river in my soul. We bow to Your Majesty; Your Omnipotent power; Your grace and on going love. Such love given to every soul that reaches out with trust and faith. xxxx

Copyright 2015 June Potter


Oh to be loved with the beauty of tenderness; the touch of a gentle spirit thus releasing the balm of healing into the heart and broken soul of one needing inner healing from the ravages of a life built on a foundation of moments of fear, insecurities and a desperate longing for peace. Peace not formed from the material world of untrue possibilities but peace that flows as the gentle, cascading river over the stones and pebbles of precious moments in time, leaving them as smooth as the softness of the newborn and as clean as the crystal clear waters forever flowing in the heavenly realms above. Love built on the letters of forever, never knowing the harsh howling winds brought on by thunderous storms of disdain and deadened emotions due to sudden forces of lightning bolts flooding the mind with fleshly lust. To be loved and able to reciprocate with a heart full of pure intensions knowing, the exquisite beauty of togetherness, is yet the moment in time when longings held captive within become a true reality born from grace given when forces of darkness threatened to dissolve all in to its deep hole of brokenness and intolerable pain. To know love in its eternal splendour leaving the beloved with the tangible presence of its passion and glory flowing around the entire form. Oh to call on love, watching the various amazing formations as the cloud of divine art work above, seeing love become the pillar of strength in times of anxiety; beholding its dignity when accused and vulnerable; calming the storm of destruction with its inner knowledge that this too shall pass. So many and varied formations are the gentle yet bold markers of love.
As the tired hand holds itself out to the small fragment of hope within the weary heart, so love grips with the power of destiny, willing the broken warrior hidden within to once again breathe in its fragrance of eternity. Far beyond where eyes as yet have no complete true knowledge of love divine in all its purity and unconditional sacrifice; the ever shining brightness reaches the soul desperately searching for but a taste of its perfection. Through the now open doors that were once bound with heavy chains so as to remove the pain known to those in bondage to grief and burning coals of hurt and suffering, the fragrance of the red blooming rose of love, begins to flow within every corner of the aching soul…revealing its immense power to restore all back to the beginning when newness of life and love were seen within the eyes of the innocent child.
Love…your true quality of infinite grace and mercy casts all else to the wind and now covers the soul in need as a blanket of warmth and deep understanding and in time, all shall behold your purpose for invading our hearts along this pathway named life.


We are living in very dangerous times, whether here in South Africa or any part of the world. What has happened to mankind in general and why has life become such that one has to continually look over your shoulder? No one feels safe; not as they once did yet it seems as if the criminals have more say; more rights then ordinary, law abiding people. This world has become a harsh place to live in what with murders; rape; hijackings; break inns; strikes; old people been beaten up and even tortured; pornography; child abuse; child trafficking etc. It appears to the on looker that anything goes and the law has very little defense against it all. Drugs are sold anywhere these days; in children’s parks; garages; schools etc and when the people involved are high they attack with such a viciousness that the end result is impossible to look upon. Where is man heading and does this world; our own country have a chance at bringing things back into order?

This is a very difficult question for man to answer when walking and living in the flesh, as he feels in complete control of his own life and destiny, and begins to act out as a god. He can and will do as he pleases for within the realm of this thought pattern lies a huge deception, yet he is not aware of who and what now controls him. When the door is opened or the hedge has a hole in it, various and many demonic forces enter and soon, without warning, these criminals or abuses of innocent people, believe they are invincible and nothing can stop them. We as His children really need to see what we are dealing with. Municipalities, government, companies can build houses; promise amazing things; put new workshops into practice so as to keep the bored young people off the street etc but in the long run, when all this has been completed, the cry will once again be that of wanting more and more just to satisfy the deeper need burning within the spirit and mind of those in the flesh and open to the influence of demonic forces.

Each person needs to be accommodated for, this we do know and realize, for without the basics of an ordinary life, people feel degraded; dehumanized and in fact humiliated. Not every soul has been born with a silver spoon in their mouth and those that are truly poor and without should be helped by a government that cares for their own. However as in days of old there are those that are greedy and power hunger, for their own personal ego needs the continual acknowledgement that they are heroes. What and why does man become so uncaring; so content with harming and inflicting pain and suffering upon another, that even the agony of one’s suffering no longer means a thing?

Watching other religions demanding people to bow down and worship their god or else be beheaded or tortured etc is such a far cry from the loving; merciful; gracious and all powerful Lord of the Holy Bible. Seeing others believe in the manifestation of the works of utter darkness and giving the defeated enemy glory when new worshippers bow their knee in compliance to the prince of darkness, is cause for pain in the heart of a loving Heavenly Father. When people become addicted to porn; drugs; various unclean actions of the flesh then a hole in the hedge appears if one is born again. If unsaved, satan has them in the palm of his hand anyway and as they become more and more destructive so their thought patterns become confused. What makes a man desire to maim and torture another defenseless soul… to murder and destroy… to manipulate situations for his own benefit so as to gain victory over an innocent, ignorant soul?

We cannot fight spiritual battles that are directed by satan and demonic forces in any fleshly manner. The Word says he has come to kill, steal and destroy. End of story!!! If we are up against a huge wave of senseless killings, thefts, destruction of our economy, our companies; our very own country, then we need to take a look at who or what is actually controlling behind the scenes. The Word tells us and we who know the Lord and believe His Word to be the truth, should be doing spiritual warfare and breaking the satanic attacks. Most of the time, man has no idea he is but a pawn in the bigger picture. Why would people suddenly have this desire; and urge to kill but first torture innocent people they do not even know? Where does this thought originate? The Bible put it plainly. Destruction in any form is satan.

Are we asking the Lord to show us how to pray? Are we taking the line of least resistance due to the fact that our own lives are happy and full of contentment? Is it only when, we or our loved ones, are attacked, hurt etc that we become so angry that we cry out to the Lord for answers? Man longs to be in control of other people for in doing this he, himself, is then revered and feared. Did not Lucifer want to be as God? Was he not full of pride? Now I ask you, has man changed at all? He is either of the kingdom of darkness or the kingdom of light. He is either still under the flesh, Adam, or under the new creation, of the Spirit, Jesus Christ. There is no in between. Man in his fallen state loves the world and all in it. His eyes are blinded…he is under the control of the god of this world…satan. So let us wake up and see with our inner eyes; hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and become intercessors who will make a difference. We have the power; the authority; the truth. For we have the One who made it all possible by dying on the Cross and defeating the enemy. May we arise from the ashes of death and become alive so as to break the train of evil cascading down on this world and on His children.

Jesus is Lord and in Him we are abiding and all that He has and all that He is, has become ours for He and He alone is the head of the new creation which we, as born again Christians are the body. Break the bondages that are filling men’s minds, for that is where satan begins… in the mind. When he has the mind captive then the rest is easy and man will obey as various thought patterns enter. Refuse to allow these dark demonic principalities to work, bringing all to their knees in one or another way. Become the head and not the tail for He is waiting for His beloved children to show forth His Almighty power on earth. Put aside the passive attitude and know you… we… are the army of the Lord which has victory already in its hand.

Be blessed and know you are a called out people together with Him. His strength and ability is residing within you. xxxx

Copyright 2014 June Potter



Child of mine; why do you stress over issues that are already sorted out? Before the foundation of the world I knew this day would arrive so provision has already been made for the situation you now find yourself in. No weapon formed against you shall prosper but I am waiting for you to turn from what you see with your natural eye and in faith, believe and thank me for the answer. Your praise; your worship; even that deep within your heart flows directly into my throne room and the love I feel for you knows no bounds. Have you not realized just how much I love you, my child? When your struggles became such that you felt completely overwhelmed, I was there and felt your inner pain even though no one else was aware of the deep seated needs crying out to be resolved. You are mine and nothing and no one can separate you from my love. Not even when you become angry and frustrated with all in general and want to hide yourself away. Every moment I watch over you; rejoice when you accomplish even what you consider the smallest feat; take note of the many tears that at given times fall unseen onto your pillow. When you finally fall asleep after tossing and turning, my angels encamp around about you for you are as precious to me, my child, as all my other children. At times you have felt I am not there for you; that your prayers go unheard but this is a lie from the enemy. Your life was ordained by me; your destiny is written in my heart and if you will, but wait upon me, knowing in your heart that I AM and will always be your King, then you will see the plans I have for you. Yes at times it does seem to take forever but my way and plan is perfect and I desire for you to take hold of what I have promised you and begin to thank me in faith. After all faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. My word is true; my word is real; nothing will ever change that.

Valuable child of mine, set your heart on things above and not on things below for man and his deeds are becoming more evil but in my kingdom there is peace that flows like a river; there is the ability to soar like the eagle; climb the highest mountains and be all that you can be for I am with you; in you; and together we will be victorious. Be not afraid my child of the future for I am your future.

Rest now in my grace; my mercy and most of all my everlasting love for you. Your wholeness lies in me so yield and know that you are not alone.

With love always and forever,

Your Heavenly Father.


He arises with the splendor of the One and only true God; every force standing in the way bows its head and moves

He rides on the wind and every cloud of disaster surrenders its resolve

He leads the army bringing with them the triumph of one already known as the King

He speaks and all tremble at His voice

He breaks the chains of bondage with a single word of command

He sees beyond the known and heralds in the new beginning with power and majesty

He turns the darkness away with eyes ablaze with the purity of holy light

He removes the enemy stalking His own through the Blood that was shed

He is all knowing; all powerful; full of glory; unmovable in grace

He is true to His word for in truth lies the key to His children and their victory

Forever present; forever full of power and grace; He calms the storms

Great and mighty; unchanging; three in one; one with us; our destiny and life

Eternal; before the foundation of the world; loving the ungodly; waiting for all

No other can replace Him; no other can bring forth the miracle of salvation

To mankind in their lost; lonely and twisted hearts of sin

For without the shedding of Blood there can be no remission of sin

Power; victory; purpose rises within us for we are secure in the knowledge that we are in Him who has no beginning and no end.

In honour we bow to You, wonderful; precious Lord Jesus; lover and healer of our souls.



The past knows it is over but at times longs to invade today

The past may have taught you many lessons but the present is where you must now reside

The past was when you were only able to do what you then knew

The past has within its paintings moments of pleasure…moments of pain

The past which continually overshadows your goals of today needs to be thrown into the sea of forgetfulness

The past has feet that longs to walk alongside your new confidence…remove the insecurity arising suddenly within

The past is over and you are now a new creation in Christ Jesus

The past and brooding over it brings tears of regret you can do nothing about…free yourself

The past will hold your hand along life’s journey if you choose to be its best friend

The past is just that…the past…once upon a time when you still needed to grow and mature

Precious Lord, thank you for new beginnings; a new way of life; a canvas that we can paint together, You and I, and when my heart breaks for no reason other then a memory of what was and what could have been, may your ever present presence remind me that now is what truly matters and as we walk this journey hand in hand, may your guidance, mercy and grace fill my spirit with the knowledge that you are the Way, the Truth and the Life and your unconditional, ever present love is all I need.

May your reassurance touch each aching heart and your power cover each fearful heart that is feeling so alone.

Thank you Lord Jesus. We love you. xxxx


In all His majestic awesome glory we behold His face…Lord of heaven and earth you are omnipotent…omnipresent and all powerful yet with the tenderness and patience of one far beyond our understanding, You wait in the isles of mercy, longing for our complete surrender so as to make you Lord and King of every part of our lives. Ruling the earth and all that takes place, You stretch forth your hand and bring back everything that begins to move in the opposite direction, into its rightful place whether man is aware of your intervention or not, for no one can replace the power of Your spoken word which not only brought all into existence but continues to lay claim to the beginning and end of all things. Nature in all its force of magnificence bows to the sound of Your voice; the birds and fowls of the air react to the call of Your majesty. Man in Your image longs to lay claim to Your power…bringing it into subjection to his own word but alas man has yet to surrender his will to the pure knowledge that there is no one as great and powerful as You. In infinite wisdom You gave man a free choice for in so doing he would see his need and sorrowful state that he is in, thus surrendering to the only One who could save him from an eternity filled with the intense burning agonizing pain of eternal hell. As the skies above reveal the magnitude of Your graceful heart, oh precious Lord, our everlasting Saviour and King, so the shades of the colourful beauty of the rainbow of promise send forth the glorious message that You will be with us for time and eternity.
Riding upon the winds of eternity You await our arrival ready to usher us, Your children, into the heavenly realm where no tears are shed; no pain fills our aching human body; no strife and conflict bring disorder and rampage into being. Broken scattered souls are no more; the fighting has ended and man with his new body hails You as THE only One who paid the ultimate price for his soul to be saved.
For a fleeting moment in time whilst walking the pathway of but a man in a fleshly body, we knew the power of grief due to sin cascading down on an earth covered in flowing pain of man enmeshed in sin due to mindsets of a spirit of untold lust for greed and control. How each suffered in their own fragmented way, longing for the day when all could come together and bear the burden that had become to heavy to carry for one needy soul. Under the guise of leadership, man broke in spirit, mind and body, for leadership without the intervention of the personal leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit, brought slavery in one form or another back into the equation. The desperate cry of lost, lonely, beguiled souls flew on gale force winds through the skies above into the throne room of Heaven, bringing with it the ever falling tears of man and his perverted ways, straight to the heart of the Father.
My children, did I not send my Son, my One and only Son, to pay the ultimate price for your sin; your need to be removed from the bondage of darkness and the evil one holding you hostage to his every whim? Did I not love you so much that I showered you with all that I Am and all that I have? Waiting to bring you back into the fold, He came and shed His pure Blood so that you could be free. Free to live as men removed from the flesh of utter destruction and everlasting darkness. Free to serve Me in Truth with My wisdom, knowledge and power residing within you.
Time has been spent, once again, as in days of old when man reduced himself to lower than that of an animal. The greatness of the God given earth groans under the effects of selfish man consumed with wanting to rule and gain all for his own satisfaction and glory. Yet will He rise in greatness and power when the sound of the trumpet goes forth, for at His Divine call, all shall bow and acknowledge that He and He alone is Lord. Our King, our Majesty, our Shepherd; our Prince of Peace; our all consuming, all loving; all powerful Lord.
Great and mighty is He
Great and mighty is He
Clothed in Majesty
Arrayed in Splendor
Great and mighty is He.


Rest oh my soul and forget not the many times He touched and brought healing to your broken body and grieving heart
Rest oh my soul and remember the joy unspeakable that cascaded through every fiber of your being when needed
Rest oh my soul and with eyes of faith see the new day beckoning you to walk His way of surrender
Rest oh my soul and know that every trial has brought you to the point of where you become stronger in Him
Rest oh my soul and see the pure beauty of the rainbow after the storm has passed
Rest oh my soul and know deep within that you are a painting of divine passion
Rest oh my soul and realize in your spirit that He will never leave nor forsake you.
Rest oh my soul and behold the majestic creation He spoke into existence
Rest oh my soul and feel the beating of two hearts intertwined…His and yours
Rest oh my soul knowing although man has failed you He will stay true to you for He is truth in everyway
Rest oh my soul and grasp the gift of His amazing grace towards your troubled heart
Oh my soul…your inner cries have not gone unnoticed by our loving Heavenly Father. With arms outstretched and a heart filled with compassion and tender love He will pour forth His healing and your bruises and broken pieces will once again be whole and with His strength and your inner courage you will rise up as the eagle and fly beyond your dreams. Precious are those who put their hope and trust in the Lord for He is faithful and His love covers as a blanket of warmth from the cold moments of despair.
Rest oh my soul.


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